4 Ways to Bolster Your Budget – Part 4

by | Jul 27, 2017

4 Ways to Bolster Your Budget – Part 4
Stable budgets that come full circle.

Throughout this series, we’ve seen that the road to better municipal budgets is littered with obstacles—ones that can only be overcome by a series of four proven steps, all of which lead to more stable bugets and stronger communities:

  1. Gauging development trends
  2. Preparing for changing workloads and staffing needs
  3. Keeping open lines of communication
  4. Deciding on an appropriate payment structure

When your municipality takes these steps to reach your budget goals, the benefits have a trickle-down effect—positively impacting multiple areas of your community and coming full circle to continually bolster your budget. Take a look…

Reduced risk

Local governments must continuously contend with inevitable fluctuations in activities and workloads, finding ways to staff efficiently in the midst of (oftentimes) unpredictable ups and downs. Using the flexible support of a third-party firm like SAFEbuilt, you can effectively prepare for workload and staff fluctuations, safeguarding your community from the financial risks posed by shifting economic conditions, development activities, and staffing shortages.

Better efficiencies

With proactive plans for staffing, municipalities can also achieve higher efficiency within departments, resulting in faster turnaround times and better customer service—outcomes that, in turn, positively impact revenue. Efficient processes and services encourage developers to bring economy-boosting projects to your community. And residents feel incentivized to make continued investments in their homes. The result? Your municipality benefits from the permit fees tax revenue associated with higher property values and a thriving local economy.


But wait, there’s more! The steps we’ve addressed in this series help communities like yours plan for the future while also maintaining an important level of flexibility during times of more or less activity. By understanding development trends, you can set realistic goals for your community and better forecast spending. Yet you can also be prepared to handle unexpected workloads and staffing changes with full-service or supplemental third-party support—so your departments can get backup when needed without busting the budget.

Community investment

Moreover, by taking active steps toward a stable budget, with accurate spending projections, flexible staffing, solid communication, and a smart approach to spending, you can avoid budget deficits and invest more dollars in your community’s infrastructure, economy, and overall welfare. Plus, identifying qualified professionals who can lend a hand during busy seasons guarantees the consistent enhancement of your community that leads to revenue-generating results (i.e., higher property values, efficient collection of fees, better customer service, faster turnarounds, etc.)

Reputation for transparency

While this budget benefit may not be as obvious or tangible, it’s big, nevertheless. Local governments that observe development needs, staff departments efficiently, communicate openly, and spend wisely not only build stable budgets, but also strengthen the confidence of citizens, businesses, and developers—giving them the desire to make continued investments in the community.

Cost savings

Finally, it goes without saying that solid plans for a stable budget will most certainly result in cost savings for your community. Monitoring development trends, fortifying your workforce appropriately, establishing good communication, and choosing the right payment model are all proven ways to better control spending and wisely allocate funds.

Parting thoughts

With changing workloads, limited resources, rising costs, staffing difficulties, and communication setbacks, it’s no wonder that budget challenges are top-of-mind for municipalities across the nation. Local governments can overcome these burdens and meet community needs with our four proven ways to bolster municipal budgets. And by implementing these strategies, municipalities like yours can enter an ongoing cycle of benefits that not only lead to sustainable budgets, but also make for thriving communities.


Stabilize Budgets

Protect your dollars and guarantee revenue.

Improve Customer Service

Eliminate backlogs and keep development projects on track.

Elevate Development

Streamline complex community development processes.

Stand Out

Embrace the progressive “P3” (public/private partnership) model.


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