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We choose to do the right thing, every time.


We strive to continuously improve and understand how we can do better tomorrow.



We always provide unequaled service levels to our customers, external and internal.


We have an environment where everyone is able to contribute ideas. We encourage and reward creativity and initiative.


We are respectful in the way we interact with everyone.

Our Story

SAFEbuilt helps communities redefine service, rethink staffing, and realize savings. Why? Because we care about upholding community development standards that result in “safe-built” environments. Our commitment to the communities we serve is backed by 25 years of proven best practices, expert personnel, and innovative solutions.

Our Team

With over 600 employees nationwide, SAFEbuilt partners with hundreds of communities of all shapes and sizes. Our positive and courteous team is comprised of local individuals with the certifications, knowledge, and training needed to provide exceptional service—all from within the unique communities where they work and live. And through the consistent vision of our leaders, SAFEbuilt upholds our mission of cultivating communities and improving lives. An ongoing commitment to quality solutions and customer-focused service is reflected by our 97% client satisfaction rate.

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We can’t wait to talk with you about your community’s unique needs. Reach out and get started with SAFEbuilt today.

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Partnering with communities on the rise to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Enhancing Communities. Improving lives.

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