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Advancing Careers. Enhancing Communities. Building trades and code certification training from the leader in community development services.
Since 1992, SAFEbuilt has partnered with municipalities all over the country to provide exceptional community development services that make communities better and safer places to live, work, and play. As an ICC® Preferred Provider for certified courses, SAFEbuilt Academy delivers high-quality content created for your success.

Compliance Standards and Lessons Learned

We don’t just help you learn the ICC® codes; we break down each code and provide practical, real-life examples that add value to your role and responsibilities. Our students include building officials, plans examiners, building inspectors, and permit technicians. We also train code officials, architects, engineers, and attorneys. Building and life safety is the foundation of strong communities. Train with SAFEbuilt to be the best in your field.

Course Delivery for Today’s Student

The community development industry requires you to understand and apply complex building codes. Yet with so many demands on your time, traditional classroom training isn’t always an option. SAFEbuilt Academy offers in-person, year-round courses across the country, in addition to on-demand or scheduled webinar training. Pick the delivery method and timing that works best for you. Flexibility in course offerings has never been this convenient.

Affordable Fees

Code courses range in price from $395 to $595, depending on the course and certification. Many municipalities and organizations may reimburse course tuition. Check with your organization for details. And if you’re interested in joining a nationwide team of people committed to building better, safer communities, visit our Careers page for current opportunities and to contact a recruiter. SAFEbuilt employees receive free ICC® certification training as part of their employment benefits.

Curriculum and Training Schedule

Taught by ICC® Preferred Education Providers

2018 Course Schedule – Coming Soon!


More Information

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Meet Our Training Team

When you attend SAFEbuilt Academy code courses, you get high-quality training and relevant field examples taught by ICC® certified trainers. Learn more about our course developers, trainers, and managers.

Wade Greene

Director of Training

Wade has more than 20 years of building industry and Building Code Administration experience. Throughout his career, Wade has built relationships and ensured the highest standards in construction and building department operations. He has served as a plans examiner, city project/infrastructure inspector and Building Official in Colorado and Georgia. Wade earned his Master Code Professional certification from the International Code Council® and is an ICC® Preferred Education Provider.

Tinika Blackmon

Training Coordinator

Tinika has honed her building department skills for more than ten years while holding customer service and permit technician positions. She shares her knowledge of local government building departments and ICC® codes and permit tech qualifications through her dynamic training courses. Tinika is an ICC® Preferred Education Provider.

ICC® Certifications and Continuing Education Credits put you on the path of career success. Train with us to learn best practices, discuss industry trends, and create professional connections. Check this page often for course schedule updates and additional resources.
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