Training Program

SAFEbuilt Training Program (STP)

As the leading provider of privatized community development services, we offer a unique training program to help uphold our high standards and equip our employees to do what they do best. The SAFEbuilt Training Program (STP) is two-fold, helping us focus on the unique training needs of both new hires and existing employees.

New hires

The first part of our STP is geared toward new recruits just entering the inspection field. Some join the SAFEbuilt team with minimal construction knowledge, while others are seasoned professionals who simply lack code regulatory experience. Through the STP, these new employees receive traditional academic teaching, on-the-job training, and administrative and soft skill training to build a foundation for their success.

Existing employees

The second part of our STP is designed for existing employees on the SAFEbuilt team. We help our team members grow their careers by building on their current skills, knowledge, and certifications. Through the STP, our employees are able to complete continuing education required for their specific jobs, as well as participate in career development training tailored to their current roles and future career goals.

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