Why CityLab says “The Building Code Profession is Dying Out”

by | Apr 17, 2017

Why CityLab says “The Building Code Profession is Dying Out”

A February article on citylab.com had the headline “The Building Code Profession Is Dying Out, and That’s a Problem.” But is it a problem or an evolution?

National studies show that eighty percent of existing code professionals are expected to retire within the next ten to fifteen years. The industry is also struggling to attract new people to build their skills and enter the building code profession. Via that article, one of the highlighted reasons for this is that the government jobs are no longer viewed as stable and secure. And George Williams, a 34 year old building inspector, cited in the article, stated a very important insight ““cities are trying to have smaller building departments and trying to accomplish more work with less people,”

This challenge is what drives governments to evolve in how they deliver services, and motivates the private market to respond to a need. Community Development Solutions providers offer alternative, on-demand staffing so that jurisdictions can create responsive, streamlined building department services. The private sector attracts both seasoned and junior building code professionals with higher salaries and a breadth of opportunities. Building code professionals become consultative experts and can assist multiple community clients.

Jurisdictions are challenged by their council members, citizens and taxpayers to deliver professional, cost-effective, efficient services with limited budgets and fewer resources. Partnering with the private-sector gives cities and counties more leverage and more control to do just that.


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