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by | Feb 16, 2017

Enhancing Communities…in More Ways Than One

At SAFEbuilt, community development is more than just a job. We try to move beyond the roles of a community’s building, planning, or code enforcement department by becoming deliberately invested and deeply involved in every community we represent. From charitable donations and scholarships to local events and educational initiatives, SAFEbuilt strives to make a difference where we work and live.

Charitable Giving

If you’ve worked with SAFEbuilt, we hope you’ve seen our company values in action. Integrity is one of these values, and it’s integrity that drives our commitment to giving back. We believe in doing the right thing, every time. So, to help show our clients and citizens that we care, we look for opportunities to support local charities—whether through monetary donations or in-kind volunteer time. By giving to these charities, SAFEbuilt has found a meaningful, tangible way of standing behind the communities we serve.

Youth Achievement Scholarship

SAFEbuilt sees leadership as a multifaceted quality, one that encompasses each of our core values: service, integrity, teamwork, improvement, and respect. Our Youth Achievement Scholarship honors and recognizes a graduating high school senior who clearly exhibits these values—demonstrating leadership through volunteer work and other actions that positively impact the local community. By recognizing and rewarding exceptional youth within our partner communities, SAFEbuilt hopes to encourage ongoing leadership throughout future generations.


Community Events

SAFEbuilt knows that local events are important to the improvement and spirit of communities. That’s why we encourage our employees to volunteer their time at events that support local organizations, including art councils, animal shelters, recreation programs, Habitat for Humanity, etc. We even offer paid time for a variety of volunteer activities to ensure our employees’ ongoing connection with our partner communities. And when it comes to annual community celebrations—like Founders Day festivals and Fourth of July parades—SAFEbuilt makes donations to uphold these significant events.

Community Outreach Initiatives

By coordinating events that educate, SAFEbuilt provides opportunities for positive dialogue among citizens, businesses, and other organizations within any given community. These community outreach initiatives also give us the chance to engage with the general public, eliminate potential conflicts, and generate goodwill and trust. Homeowner workshops and our Building Safety Month Campaign are just two of the ways SAFEbuilt encourages community engagement and education.

Homeowner workshops offer ideal settings to connect with homeowners and contractors within a client community. Our workshops focus on educating homeowners on the right ways to manage construction projects, like building a deck or finishing a basement.

SAFEbuilt’s annual Building Safety Month Campaign helps educate individuals, families, and businesses on creating and sustaining safe structures. Each May, this public awareness campaign reinforces the needs for strong, efficient code enforcement and compliance, as well as well-trained professionals to maintain these processes.

More than 25 years ago, SAFEbuilt was founded on the principle of making a difference in the communities where we live. Because our communities shape us and the people we love, we strive to do our part in cultivating vibrant, thriving communities. By investing personally in our partner communities, SAFEbuilt helps them rise up to their full potential—creating places that improve lives. Now that’s community development.


Stand Out

Embrace the progressive “P3” (public/private partnership) model.


Stand Out

Embrace the progressive “P3” (public/private partnership) model.



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