Should Your Lemonade Stand Consider Privatization?

by | Dec 13, 2016

Privatization is certainly not for everyone, but few organizations wouldn’t benefit from asking themselves if there is a better way to operate. When done correctly, privatization is a tool for improving service levels, realizing significant cost savings, and dealing with fluctuating activity levels and demands. Troy, Michigan is one of those communities that asked themselves this very question, ultimately privatization saved Troy’s building inspection budget $1 million in the first year of the contract.


Stabilize Budgets

Protect your dollars and guarantee revenue.

Improve Customer Service

Eliminate backlogs and keep development projects on track.

Elevate Development

Streamline complex community development processes.

Stand Out

Embrace the progressive “P3” (public/private partnership) model.


Building Department


Building inspections
Plan review
Project support

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement
Rental inspections
Violation mitigation



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