Local Government 2035: Strategic trends and implications of new technologies

by | Jan 12, 2017

This white paper was sponsored by SAFEbuilt and originally published by the Alliance for Innovation as part of their 2016 BIG Ideas conference.

From the introduction:

Technological advancements increasingly disrupt and destabilize markets, institutions, and organizations around the globe. A mere 20 years ago, Katie Couric asked “What is Internet?” on NBC’s Today Show.1 Today, the Internet is integrated into every aspect of our daily lives. And tomorrow, emergent technologies will drastically alter the landscape in which we live.

It is extremely difficult for regular people to predict the rate, scale, or impact of technological inno- vation. Henry Ford, who understood this principle, is famously quoted as saying, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” The ever-increasing rate of tech- nological innovation begs the question: how will government manage or adapt to the explosion of new technologies?


Stabilize Budgets

Protect your dollars and guarantee revenue.

Improve Customer Service

Eliminate backlogs and keep development projects on track.

Elevate Development

Streamline complex community development processes.

Stand Out

Embrace the progressive “P3” (public/private partnership) model.


Building Department


Building inspections
Plan review
Project support

Planning & Zoning


Code Enforcement

Code enforcement
Rental inspections
Violation mitigation

Automation Software

Permit automation
Mobile inspection apps
Developer portals



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