A New Perspective at TLG

by | Sep 20, 2016

I have had the unique opportunity to attend 19 of the 21 Alliance for Innovation’s annual Transforming Local Government (TLG) conferences across the country.

The first eight years came as an attendee when I was with the City of Concord, California. Two of those years Concord was a case study presenter. The next 11 years I traveled to TLG as a member of the Alliance for Innovation, as the West Regional Director and staff support at the conference.

alliance-4-innoTLG 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona brought a whole new experience for me. I attended the conference for the first time as an Exhibitor with SAFEbuilt where I now serve as the Director of Client Services.

Attending TLG in different capacities and with different perspectives over the years has brought new insights and opportunities.  As an attendee it was always very beneficial to meet peers from across the US and Canada and to learn what other municipalities were doing in their communities through the case study presentations. It is a great opportunity to network and learn what is working well in other places.  I always came home with at least one, if not many, new ideas to share with the city and made life-long friends in the process.

As a case study presenter, the pride in sharing the innovative work our city was doing at the time was, as they say, “priceless”. Working as a member of the Alliance for Innovation and being on the leading edge of inspiring innovation to advance communities was a fantastic experience.

But this year to attend as an Exhibitor with SAFEbuilt, an Alliance for Innovation Corporate Partner and Conference Sponsor may have been one of the best experiences yet. To work the booth for a leading provider of community development services in the local government sphere was amazing.  To get to see so many friends, past Alliance members that I proudly served for 11 years and to catch up with my former co-workers, was the best of all worlds.

tlg-2015-1024x768As an Exhibitor, I got to share with so many that stopped by our booth the benefits and services that SAFEbuilt provides to municipalities across the country. Many of our 220 clients had a presence at this conference. It was great to catch up with them and hear how things are going. It was also rewarding to meet the other Exhibitors who are national leaders in their respective fields. Every vendor standing in front of their booth in that ballroom had something special to offer local government officials.

Whether I was shaking hands with a current client, a potential client or just someone who wanted a new pen and car charger, I greatly enjoyed the interactions that took place at this conference. The Alliance for Innovation national conference always attracts the best of the best in terms of attendees, presenters, keynote speakers and Exhibitors.

I’m already looking forward to attending TLG 2016 in St Paul, Minnesota!


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