P3 in Action – Branson, Missouri

by | Feb 16, 2017

Renovating the journey to fit the destination

If you’ve ever been to Branson, Missouri, you know it’s a destination spot with a lot to offer. There’s theater (more than what you’ll find on Broadway, believe it or not), museums, and historical attractions for all you cultured types, plus golfing, fishing, and plenty of food for the rest of us folks.

Image by BNIM Architects

To uphold its reputation as “a family destination with something for everyone,” the City of Branson took on the task of transforming five miles of roadway leading into the downtown area. The primary aim for 76 Country Boulevard was to create a safe, beautiful, and practical passage through the city for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit users, while also offering a variety of unique destinations and activities that would attract visitors and boost local business.
Knowing that it would take a lot of hands and loads of expertise to execute the lofty vision for 76 Country Boulevard, the City of Branson went the P3 (public-private partnership) route to make its vision a reality—partnering with more than 10 businesses, organizations, and stakeholders to revamp the central streetscape.

Image by BNIM Architects

The road to making 76 Country Boulevard a distinctive, memorable part of Branson’s “destination” reputation was paved with innovative project goals and components. A spacious three-lane road configuration, multiple transit and trolley stops, practical parking options, and clear pedestrian crossings created safe, efficient means of travel—no matter the mode of transportation. Meanwhile, an inviting, multi-use promenade stretching the entire length of the corridor offered iconic design elements and plenty of opportunities for fun. And the natural beauty of the Ozarks became a central part of the project as well, with a variety of open spaces and trail connections designed to provide easy access to the City’s surrounding outdoor attractions.


SAFEbuilt brought our creative juices to the table—teaming with the City and its other partners to help streamline and amplify the planning process. Our planners worked hand-in-hand with the City to execute site and infrastructure design, deliver plans for roadway improvements, and provide unique visions for creative structures and uses. In addition, our planning experts cooperated with other members of the project team to outline funding, conceptualize future plans, and coordinate local property and business owners to grant an easement and establish a special district. The end result of this substantial P3 project was a new and revitalized 76 Country Boulevard—one infused with the lively, character-filled, something-for-everyone nature of Branson, Missouri.

By teaming up with a medley of private and public organizations, the City of Branson benefited from the viewpoints, savvy, and know-how of experts from multiple fields—from engineering and architecture to public relations and planning. In the combine-and-conquer fashion of the P3 model, the 76 Country Boulevard project team members melded many areas of expertise to transform one of Branson’s central roadways into a show-stopping scene for travel and fun.



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