SAFEbuilt Services


We offer a wide range of services that fit your needs for both long- and short- term engagements


There are many different reasons why communities partner with SAFEbuilt to deliver community development services. Many communities are finding it difficult to keep up with increasing staff retirements while others find SB Web_Contractthat ever fluctuating building activity makes it difficult to budget effectively and manage the bottom line.

Other times, municipal leaders are tasked with improving efficiencies, increasing customer service, and enhancing the overall relationship that their community development department has internally with other departments and externally with the building and economic development community. Whatever the reason may be, SAFEbuilt can help.

With over 200 partner communities across the country and more than 20 years of experience, our professional team has familiarity with all of these situations and more. Is the timing right to rethink the delivery of community development department services in your community?