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If your building department desks are overflowing with building permit applications, and your inspection backlog is measured in weeks, you are probably all-too-familiar with angry calls from developers, residents, and local officials. Worries over attracting new development and keeping your large projects on schedule only add to the strife within and outside your department. Trust SAFEbuilt to fill the gaps in your building department on-demand so you can reach your community development goals.
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Residential and Commercial Building Inspections

When you contract with SAFEbuilt, you get qualified inspectors to ensure code compliance and community safety during periods of activity fluctuation. Let us help you keep up with building inspections that come along with increased construction activity and big jobs. SAFEbuilt’s team of certified and licensed building inspectors deliver consistent and accurate code compliance inspections. Our qualified inspectors verify that construction projects comply with approved plans and applicable local codes, amendments, and ordinances. Rely on SAFEbuilt for:

  • On-demand certified inspectors
  • Local knowledge—with nationwide expertise
  • Next-day inspections in many locations
commercial building inspections

Residential and Commercial Plan Reviews and Permitting

Whether you’re facing a shortage of code officials, navigating unpredictable growth, dealing with a fluctuating workload, or needing additional technical expertise on a large or complex project, SAFEbuilt offers comprehensive building plan review and permitting services to meet your needs. Our large network of ICC-certified plans examiners will not only identify potential building code issues within a plan, but also offer helpful suggestions to reach life-safety and code compliance standards in a timely and cost-effective manner. SAFEbuilt has the depth and breadth of resources needed to deliver:

  • On-site or remote plan reviews
  • Complete building code compliance review
commercial building inspections

Roof Inspections

There’s no way for building departments to plan for or anticipate natural events, such as wind and hail, that often damage roofs. SAFEbuilt can deploy a team of certified inspectors on short notice to help with mid-roof and final inspections per your local codes and ordinances. Our supplemental roof inspections allow your building department to focus on more pertinent tasks while also maintaining:

  • High resident satisfaction
  • Expedited processes
  • Safe, high-quality inspections
commercial building inspections

Fire Plan Reviews

SAFEbuilt provides the expertise needed to ensure the safety of finished buildings within your community. Using community safety and compliance with local codes and ordinances as their guide, our knowledgeable examiners do what it takes to get your project approved quickly and catch problems early when they’re easy to fix.

commercial building inspections

Large Project Plan Reviews and Inspections

Large-scale, complex, and specialty projects place added demand on the existing staff in your building department. SAFEbuilt’s complete project support model augments your staff, giving you the resources and expertise you need to handle these projects…without compromising quality or increasing head count in your community.

commercial building inspections

Disaster Support

Rely on local SAFEbuilt professionals to help process recovery-related plan reviews and inspections, while getting your community projects back on track after a major disaster. Our certified inspectors have the experience and qualifications you can trust to determine whether structures within your community are safe and inhabitable after severe storms and other disasters.

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