LSL Planning is Now SAFEbuilt Studio

As a SAFEbuilt company since 2013, we are changing our name to better identify ourselves as a member of the SAFEbuilt family.
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SAFEbuilt Studio

We are still a one-stop regional planning firm in Michigan, and now we have also established ourselves nationally with offices in both Denver and Atlanta.

We still rely on our staff of creative planners with decades of public sector experience, and now we also have talented attorneys, architects, engineers, GIS experts, and public outreach specialists on our team.

We still provide comprehensive ongoing planning services, and now we also specialize in redevelopment planning and zoning code projects.

Last, but not least, we still collaborate with our clients to do exceptional planning. That part won’t ever change.

Access to Top Services and Results

With three planning offices across the country, we are proud to offer everything you might need to create the next version of your community. The name is new; the quality work and service is not!

  • Creative planners
  • Public Sector experience
  • Denver and Atlanta offices
  • Attorneys
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • GIS experts
  • Public outreach
  • Redevelopment planning and zoning
  • Exceptional customer service

We think that good development—the kind that makes for communities on the rise—starts with the comprehensive plan and flows all the way through to building permit and code enforcement. We are here to work with your community every step of the way.

At SAFEbuilt Studio, we are a one-stop shop that supports communities with:

  • Big-picture comprehensive planning and urban design projects
  • Ongoing planning services, including entitlements and site plan review
  • Zoning code projects

safebuilt studio

Partnering with communities on the rise to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Helping you create a vibrant, thriving community.