Community Engagement

Community planning is getting better in America. Why? Because local governments are inviting their citizens, business owners, stakeholders, and residents to the table. SAFEbuilt Studio can help you identify the right mix of creative ways to solicit good ideas and feedback from your community. Then we work with you to identify and prioritize the best ideas so you move forward with the confidence of knowing what your community really wants.

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At SAFEbuilt Studio, we know that an engaged public is essential to good community planning. Cities and towns thrive when residents, businesses, and developers are vested and involved. Our community engagement activities and community planning workshops provide platforms for people to gather, learn, share, and grow—right along with the rest of their community.

Public Involvement/Visioning

Find new success with public involvement by working with us. We employ a variety of techniques to supplement traditional workshops, including social media, websites, and online forums; SAFEbuilt Studio cultivates collaboration—making the process more interesting, informative, and engaging.

Whether the focus is land use, transportation, or special projects, we facilitate and coordinate effective community planning workshops and public involvement activities. We listen, document, and respond—capturing details and providing prompt follow-up to ensure your community gets the most out of the experience.

We listen, document, and respond—capturing details and providing prompt follow-up to ensure your community gets the most out of the experience.

During the community engagement phases, we will plan activities such as:

  • Drop-in open houses
  • Design workshops/charettes
  • 3-D visualization
  • Agency days
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Traditional and web-based surveys
  • Electronic polling
  • Kidspeak and other events targeted at kids and young adults
  • Social media
  • Webpages
  • Media relations
  • Traditional town meetings and public hearings
  • Public Workshop in a Box™ – our trademarked interactive (and fun) “homemade” meetings


Stakeholders, citizens, and staff will benefit from our visualization tools. With Geographic Information System (GIS) and 3-D visualization software and sketching, we create clear pictures of community plans to effectively analyze and display data that helps realize the best solutions for each and every community.

Conceptual sketches, massing models, and fly-through visuals allow communities to fully understand and envision our planning ideas.

SAFEbuilt Studio’s innovative mapping and visualization experience includes:

  • GIS-based, multiple-factor build-out analyses
  • Highly accurate, interactive zoning and land use mapping
  • Visualization of planning alternatives with high-resolution aerial photography
  • Graphic sketches
  • 3-D development modeling and geo-referenced visualization
  • Spatial analysis of service areas and accessibility to community facilities
  • Transportation alternatives mapping
  • Land suitability analysis
  • 3-D roadway cross-section alternatives visualization

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