Comprehensive Planning

SAFEbuilt Studio helps clients create a vision for future development and design that bring your community’s aspirations to life. SAFEbuilt Studio communities are thoughtfully and intelligently planned – designed to benefit people today and for generations to come. If your community is preparing for its next comprehensive plan, we can help steer the process and collaboratively plan for your future.
  • Long-range comprehensive planning
  • Downtown plans and revitalization
  • Neighborhood planning and revitalization

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Comprehensive and Long-Range Planning

We believe every community and every client has unique issues, character, values, and vision. What motivates us is the desire to help our clients craft a long-term vision and plan that is both compelling and results-oriented. We tailor solutions, and keep plans on schedule and on budget.

Our planners use vibrant images and best practices examples to help clients understand and make choices about the placement and scale of buildings, the alignment of roads and sidewalks, and the location of public spaces. We also understand the importance of community public engagement, and strive to help our clients understand their community’s voice and translate feedback on important issues into concrete goals.

District Plans and Revitalization

A holistic approach to redevelopment is what sets our firm apart. Whether it’s economic development, placemaking or planning for your downtown, corridor, or neighborhood, our expert staff knows how to help. We take pride in crafting clear, achievable goals that preserve what’s working in your community and identifying opportunities for new, exciting placemaking. When needed, we pull together teams of consultants, ranging from real estate experts to landscape architects, whose collective experience complements our own.

The Right Mix, the Right Investment

Our redevelopment plans provide a snapshot of your community assets so you can respond effectively to changing trends and conditions. We can also establish special taxing districts to capture revenue to fund district projects, and revise local regulations to support planned projects and facilitate better review processes.

Additionally, our economic development plans provide creative ways to engage community partners, identify grant opportunities, and develop solutions that leverage current funding for lasting investment.

Community Connections

And what’s a community without dedicated spaces that bring people together? Our park and recreation plans offer simple, elegant solutions to your community’s recreation needs. From the start of the process, we’ll implement online engagement tools to survey local recreational needs and priorities.

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