Land Development Codes

Zoning or subdivision, form-based or traditional, full code rewrite or small code fix—we are code drafting experts. SAFEbuilt Studio staff have worked on regulatory issues for communities of all sizes across the country; we will dive into your local code and help you align your code to deliver your community’s desired development outcomes.

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Land Development Codes

Zoning and subdivision regulations are the rules that guide development. Sometimes, though, they are also the rules that stop development. Our planners have the right zoning and subdivision experience to provide the fix your code needs.

CodeFix: Tackling Small Problems the Right Way

For any number of reasons, many communities are reluctant to make changes to the structure and content of their current land development regulations. When a new issue comes along, a stand-alone “fix” gets tacked on to the current regulations, but not integrated within the regulatory structure. Over time, the regulations become more complex and more conflicting and the community is required to invest in a regulatory rewrite and update.

SAFEbuilt Studio’s CodeFix service allows us to work with your community to more comprehensively address smaller or specific issues and integrate those solutions into the current regulations long before you get to that code overhaul in the future. Working with your staff, we will identify the extent of the problem, draft a regulatory update, and present you with an ordinance and accompanying public presentation to take through the adoption process.

Topic-specific Regulations

Our staff is also available to help create regulations for topics that are new to your community. Whether you want to establish downtown design standards, regulations for tiny homes, or requirements for sustainable site development practices, we can do that. We work with your community to identify best regulatory and procedural practices regionally and nationally, identify and create a community outreach process to gather input and feedback, draft (and redraft) the new regulations, and participate in the adoption process.

Full Land Development Code Rewrites and Updates

While good land development codes should be kept up-to-date to improve their longevity, eventually all codes reach the time when rewriting will be more efficient and productive than continued maintenance. Traditional zoning codes, form-based codes, subdivision regulations, and unified development codes – we’ve worked across all land development code formats and platforms and we bring that background with us for each new project we tackle.

iZone™| Interactive Zoning

SAFEbuilt Studio’s iZone is a digital, interactive zoning tool that brings “user-friendly” to a whole new level. With iZone, ordinances are digitally interactive, and cross-referencing is as easy as a mouse click. In-text links, icons, and buttons create a web-based zoning ordinance browsing experience that feels intuitive and clean. Plus, distinctive colors, tables, and graphics add to the comfort level and simplicity for any and every user.

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