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Faster Permits with Electronic Plan Review (EPR)

You have a budget and a schedule to keep. For every day your plan review is delayed, you are paying interest on your construction loan and delaying payment. Every time you have to print (or reprint) plans, you are eating away at your project’s bottom line. And when you have a large or complex project, the delays start to compound.

SAFEbuilt’s expert plans examiners are stationed locally in offices across the country. They bring decades of experience to your project. Our EPR service allows you to save money and time while receiving premier plan review service.

If you need your plans reviewed: Submit your plans and receive decisions in 10-15 business days.

If you are a municipality: Learn how you can add remote plan review services for your residents.

Quicker Turnaround on Plan Reviews

SAFEbuilt has a team of experienced code officials and planners on hand to ensure your permit application receives a fast and accurate review. Our 25 years of experience serving communities of all sizes and across multiple states makes an ideal partner for communities on the rise.

Residential plan reviews: 10 business days for first comments / approval; 5 business days for resubmittals

Commercial plan reviews: 15 business days for first comments / approval; 10 business days for resubmittals

No Additional Fees

In most cases, SAFEbuilt operates as an agent of your municipal building department. This means that we hired and paid by the municipality, not by you, the homeowner or developer. In these cases, the building permit fee you pay to your municipality DOES cover our reviews at no additional cost to you.

No Printing Costs

Because you are submitting your building plans electronically, there is generally no need to print copies of your plans (though you should confirm this with your jurisdiction). This can often save  hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for you.


All Projects Welcome

We offer expert plan review services for projects ranging from small residential renovations to complex industrial projects. By leveraging our national team of building code experts, we have experience working on virtually any kind of project. We can tackle plan review on your project efficiently and effectively.

Submit Your Plans

You may submit plans here for jurisdictions that allow SAFEbuilt electronic plan review. Select a state / jurisdiction and you will be taken to the plan submission form.


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All other states

SAFEbuilt is able to provide EPR in most states; however, we require a partnership with your jurisdiction prior to doing the work. Learn how your community can offer SAFEbuilt electronic plan review services.