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The City of Harvey, Illinois prepares for growth with SAFEbuilt

Harvey, IL – Christopher Clark, the Mayor of Harvey, Illinois made a commitment to his community to “make decisions based on experience and principles that will best benefit Harvey residents.” As part that commitment, the city has started a new partnership with SAFEbuilt to provide Building Department and Code Enforcement services.

SAFEbuilt’s local, dedicated staff is comprised of a Building Official, inspectors, plan reviewers, and permit technicians. This team of experienced, certified staff will help eliminate backlogs and permit delays that have previously frustrated city residents. “By utilizing our percentage of fee model, SAFEbuilt was able to help significantly reduce the city’s expenses,” explains Steve Nero, Sr. Director of Business Development for SAFEbuilt, “This budget friendly solution will provide an elevated level of service that will be able to fluctuate based on the growth of the community.”

The city will also be implementing CommunityCore, SAFEbuilt’s electronic permitting software. This new system will provide online access to apply for permits, schedule inspections, and see inspection results in real time. “We strive to always provide the best in convenient and easily accessible information to our community,” says Timothy Williams, City Administrator for Harvey, “The move to a digital platform will help streamline the entire building process with a more efficient, user-friendly experience.”

In addition to Building Department services, the SAFEbuilt team will be responsible for Code Enforcement. Multiple dedicated code enforcement officer will be focused on the safety and well-being of the community, proactively enforcing the municipal code. An effective code enforcement program can help raise property value and reduce crime throughout the city.

The partnership with SAFEbuilt began at the end of 2021, making the city well-positioned for growth in the new year. The city leaders are committed to “building a better Harvey” and this is one more step in upholding that commitment to Harvey residents.


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