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Process Improvement

Faster Plan Review Turnarounds are Within Your Reach

End backlog burdens with a four-step approach to faster plan reviews. Imagine if you could trade out building plan review backlogs, customer complaints, and vacant lots for faster plan review turnarounds, consistent service, and a thriving community.
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Process Improvement

Four Components of a Stable Building Department Budget

Today’s municipal professionals find it hard to escape the slew of challenges that come with creating and managing effective budgets, but there are proven ways for municipalities to overcome these challenges and bolster budgets, allowing them to effectively meet community needs, control spending, and secure revenues.

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Ousting the Outsourcing Misconception

There is an ever-increasing need for government entities to provide cost-effective services to their residents while maintaining the highest levels of service. With the budgetary issues many local governments still face after the Great Recession, many communities are turning to full governmental outsourcing solutions.

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Process Improvement

Improving Municipal Customer Service

Custom Service is so essential in all businesses, especially governments. For any new City Manager or Department Directors, the simplest way to make a positive impact for the community is to provide customer-service training for all employees, especially those positions that interact with citizens on a daily basis.

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Keeping up with the Tiny House Trend

Communities likes yours must plan to deal with the tiny living phenomenon and the growing number of permit requests rolling in from tiny house enthusiasts.

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Industry Resources


How 3 Innovative Cities Make Budgets Easy

Implementing principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration around a government’s budget offers great return on investment.


Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts Revitalize Communities in California

As a new tool, EIFDs are partly a learning experience as more local governments begin to establish them.


Top Six Reasons Your Community Should Have a Climate Adaptation Strategy

Is your local government ready to tackle the challenges that come with climate change?

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