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Building Code

Building Codes: Driving Growth through Innovation, Resilience and Safety

Resilient and energy efficient building were once thought to be the elite ways to construct a new structure. Today, it is the standard way to build for communities that want to grow, prosper and be safe.

Code Compliance

Code Enforcement Is Vital to Community Development

Older neighborhoods especially need to rely on code enforcement to make sure that buildings are maintained sufficiently to keep up property values and also to keep pace with new technologies and safety research.


Top Six Reasons Your Community Should Have a Climate Adaptation Strategy

Is your local government ready to tackle the challenges that come with climate change?


Online Permits Give Citizens Efficiency They Expect

The business process of permitting is increasingly moving online, spurred on by demands from citizens who want governments to adopt some of the simplified online interactions now common in the business world


No, Zoning Reform Isn’t Magic. But It’s Crucial.

The finding of a new study—that upzoning didn’t quickly increase development in areas of Chicago—shouldn’t make zoning reform any less of a priority.

Building Code

NIBS releases report on existing buildings

Existing buildings can become a drag on communities and the economy if they no longer meet the needs of today’s society. Policymakers, building tenants and owners are placing increased emphasis on the performance of buildings, including sustainability, health and resilience. The existing building stock must be prepared to respond.


Reducing Land Use Conflicts through Collaborative Easements

Developers have to push their activities closer to existing industrial, mining, rail, and other nonresidential uses. The challenge for all parties is to find strategies that allow construction of more housing while protecting existing users.


Seagrass: A Resilient and Sustainable Option in Coastal Defense

New research suggests that seagrass beds are so effective in protecting tropical beaches from erosion that they can reduce the need for regular, expensive beach nourishment.

Building Code

Chicago takes next step to modernize its building code using the I-Codes

Under Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's leadership, the city is planning to update its building code using the International Codes (I-Codes), currently used by all 50 U.S. states, the federal government and many other countries.

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