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NIBS releases report on existing buildings

Existing buildings can become a drag on communities and the economy if they no longer meet the needs of today’s society. Policymakers, building tenants and owners are placing increased emphasis on the performance of buildings, including sustainability, health and resilience. The existing building stock must be prepared to respond.

Chicago takes next step to modernize its building code using the I-Codes

Under Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's leadership, the city is planning to update its building code using the International Codes (I-Codes), currently used by all 50 U.S. states, the federal government and many other countries.

New publication on resilience through the codes

The International Code Council and theAlliance for National and Community Resiliency (ANCR) released a new publication on resilience: Building Community Resilience through Modern Model Building Codes. This unique publication is an approachable compendium of information, graphics, photos and statistics related to community resilience and the building codes.

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