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Fire Prevention Services

Mitigating the threat of fire

SAFEbuilt’s Fire Prevention Services (FPS) ensure your community’s newly built and renovated buildings are compliant with local and state fire and life safety codes. Our fire safety professionals are charged with pre-construction plan reviews, post-construction inspection, and annual examination. We partner with your community stakeholders to perform the inspections necessary to reduce risk and the negative repercussions of fire events.

Prevention of Risk

SAFEbuilt’s qualified and experienced inspectors and plans examiners provide state-regulated fire prevention services related to life and property protection. Fire prevention is an everyday responsibility that starts with design, is executed in the built form, and is managed daily with best practices and community outreach education.

Fire Inspection Services

SAFEbuilt’s Fire Prevention Services inspectors ensure buildings are up to fire code standards by detecting possible fire hazards and issuing notices if buildings are not in compliance. Services include inspecting buildings and structures to identify potential code violations or fire hazards, ensuring buildings are equipped with fire control equipment, including fire extinguishers, testing fire protection systems, and if necessary, providing recommendations to bring properties into compliance.

Fire Investigation

SAFEbuilt’s Fire Prevention Services staff includes investigators that analyze fire scenes and render determinations as to origin and cause of a fire. Our inspectors use this data to enhance their critiques of plan reviews and inspections procedures. Our services include fire scene analysis and investigation, fire origin and cause examinations, and evidence collection and preservation for Chief Law Enforcement Officers to pursue criminal complaints.

Fire Plan Review

Prior to issuing any permits for construction or renovation, SAFEbuilt’s Fire Prevention Services team reviews proposed plans for compliance with fire and safety codes that are unique to your community. Our reviews include fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and fire suppression systems.

Public Education Programs

Our Fire Prevention Services team also provides public education on fire prevention for citizens, businesses, contractors, and developers to ensure safety precautions are exercised daily.

Keeping Your Community Safe

Our team of certified professionals provides quality commercial and residential fire services in every phase of your community’s development: before, during and after construction with ongoing fire deterrence and compliance. We are committed to keeping your community safe.

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