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Building Department Services for Johns Creek, GA


Increase Operational Efficiencies and Customer Service


Key Performance Indicators exceeded performance targets

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Plan Review

The City of Johns Creek Georgia was incorporated in 2006 due to the overwhelming support of the local residents and business entities in the formerly unincorporated area of Fulton County. One of the first decisions as a City was to select SAFEbuilt as a sub-contractor to manage, operate and maintain their building department services. As the City’s needs evolved, so too has the City’s partnership with SAFEbuilt.

In 2016, the City identified a need to track the transparency and efficiency of SAFEbuilt’s service offerings. Specifically, track historical data, measure for trends, and identify additional areas for efficiency by defining performance measures, metrics and targets.

SAFEbuilt Solution

The City requested SAFEbuilt’s input to develop a series of monthly and annual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). SAFEbuilt’s local and regional teams leveraged experience gained from other communities and the Center for Priority Based Budgeting (CPBB) and worked with City staff to develop base-line service levels related to building department services.

The majority of the Service Level Agreements (SLAs), such as review times, inspection timeliness and staffing, were drawn from SAFEbuilt’s existing contract with the City. Once finalized, the performance standards were incorporated into SAFEbuilt’s updated contract with the City.

Client Benefits

The performance standards have provided several tangible results for Johns Creek. Most importantly, metrics can now be provided to the City Manager and elected officials to aid in measuring the services provided by SAFEbuilt against service level targets. This data has also been fused into SAFEbuilt’s Quarterly Business Review meetings with City staff to highlight where targets are being met or exceeded as well as areas for improvement. Not only can performance now be measured, but the City also has an effective tool to manage its fiscal resources.

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