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Quicker Turnaround on Plan Review

The hallmark of 21st century local government is the ability to be adaptable, nimble, and innovative. SAFEbuilt’s plan review services provides you with the resources to address community development efforts strategically and efficiently. We support your staff and keep projects moving.
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Plan Review Innovation

With today’s technology, there are no more excuses for getting that pile of construction plans reviewed. SAFEbuilt has three regional offices with the latest technology to review plans electronically, or if you prefer, by hand – just send them to us and we’ll send them back.

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Clear up Backlogs Quickly

Plan review backlogs frustrate staff and customers. Minimize construction delays by turning to a third party – even for a month – and get construction back on track.

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National service through electronic plan submission or courier delivery.

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Flexible customized agreements available.

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Streamlined review by experienced professionals located across the country with local expertise.


Faster Permits With Electronic Plan Review (EPR)

You have a budget and a schedule to keep. For every day your plan review is delayed, you are paying interest on your construction loan and delaying payment. Every time you have to print (or reprint) plans, you are eating away at your project’s bottom line. And when you have a large or complex project, the delays start to compound.

SAFEbuilt’s expert plans examiners are stationed locally in offices across the country. They bring decades of experience to your project. Our EPR service allows you to save money and time while receiving premier plan review service.

If you need your plans reviewed: Submit your plans and receive decisions in 10-15 business days.

Are You on the Rise? Let’s Work Together.

We partner with communities to cast the vision, craft the plan, and implement the solutions that help them rise up—becoming the best version of themselves. Connect with one of our local experts to review your unique situation and see if we are a good fit to work together.

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