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Brad Mundt

Chief Executive Officer

Brad is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company in alignment with our strong client focus and being the employer of choice.  Brad’s background in service organizations allows him to have a holistic perspective for both the communities that SAFEbuilt serves and the constituents that live and work in those communities.

Tom Wilkas

Chief Financial Officer

Tom and his team oversee the merger & acquisition, finance, accounting, fleet and return on investment aspects of SAFEbuilt’s business. He believes in our core values of integrity, improvement, service, teamwork, and respect, and their positive impact on the communities we serve.

Tom Klein

Chief Revenue Officer

Tom and his team are responsible for all aspects of growing our business and bringing high impact solutions to the communities SAFEbuilt serves. Tom has a passion for building better communities from working in his father’s construction company and a career of delivering transformational solutions to clients.

Matt Royer

Chief Operating Officer

Matt and his leaders are responsible for the success of the largest team in the company. His passion for this industry started as simplifying a complicated process 20 years ago, and now he encourages his team to drive improvements within all of our SAFEbuilt communities. Matt is driven every day to make SAFEbuilt services easy, simple, and understandable for everyone.

Tiffany Williamson

Chief Technology Officer

Tiffany and her team are responsible for providing technology solutions that empower our employees in the field and bring insight into the community development process.  Tiffany believes in the potential for technology to positively impact how we can engage with our communities and each other. 

Gary Amato

Chief Administration Officer

Gary is responsible for our people, our compliance and our legal matters.  He focuses on making sure we have a world-class workforce and that we are there to support our clients’ compliance and legal needs.

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