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Engineering better communities

SAFEbuilt has provided professional Engineering Services to a wide range of municipalities, developers, and land owners in need of sound advice and reliable leadership on their next venture. We work with communities, commercial development sites, and private developments of all shapes and sizes to provide multi-disciplinary Engineering Services, serving as Engineer of Record, Consulting Engineers, Project Managers, and Plan Reviewers.

We take your project vision and turn it into reality. In doing so, we are not only Engineers and Project Managers, we are an integral part of the team, and keep the Client and the other team members abreast of the project at all times. Our Engineering and Professional Staff, across the organization, work seamlessly together to provide functional design solutions that are both sustainable and cost-effective.

Engineering Services

  • Civil Engineering/Roadway & Highway Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Municipal Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Land Development
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment

Joining science with art

To us, engineering isn’t just a science – it’s an art. We are passionate about taking projects beyond form and function and into attractive, sustainable, and useful designs.

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Depth of resources

Whatever your project needs, we have a team of engineers ready to support you. SAFEbuilt has civil, environmental, mechanical, chemical, electrical, and traffic engineers who have the expertise to support you through your projects.
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Extension of your team

Our staff work as an extension of your department. This means we approach problems and projects from your lens and consider scheduling, budgeting, and how projects affect the economic development of the community.
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Multi-disciplinary team

Look no further. Whether your project requires roadway, drainage, utilities, water/wastewater, traffic, parks, or even artificial turf engineering, we are your multidisciplinary experts. SAFEbuilt’s extensive specialties are at your disposal.
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Problem solvers

By trade, solving problems is what we do. Our experts identify challenges in your community, and design solutions to resolve the seen and unforeseen issues within your existing infrastructure. Whether solving an issue presented to your boards and commissions or uncovering an unforeseen problem, our staff are experienced in tackling design challenges.
Engineer working on blueprints

Could your community benefit from multi-disciplinary engineering services?

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