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The SAFEbuilt family includes eleven subsidiary partners, each of which aligns with our core values, and our desire to provide the most exceptional service to the communities we support.

Cga Logo 85 Years

Calvin, Giordano & Associates

Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. (CGA) is a renowned multi-disciplinary firm with over 85 years of expertise in providing a broad range of building department and other professional services to the Florida market.

Known for its commitment to innovation and professionalism, CGA offers a range of solutions in building department, code enforcement, civil engineering, planning & zoning, traffic and mobility, landscape architecture, and construction engineering inspection services. Serving both public and private sectors, the company prides itself on a team of skilled professionals dedicated to delivering sustainable, efficient, and high-quality project results.

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Interwest logo


Interwest is a municipal consulting firm offering a broad range of building and safety, planning, engineering, and other professional services. With more than 20 years of experience in the California market and the extended capabilities of our parent company, SAFEbuilt, we support a wide variety of jurisdictions with the highest level of service, expertise, and resources.

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Winston Services logo

Winston Services

Winston Services, a Fort Worth Texas-based firm, was acquired by SAFEbuilt in September 2018. Winston is a professional services firm specializing in Building and Life Safety Code Consulting and Plan Review; Commercial Building Inspection including electrical, plumbing, and mechanical; Permit Expediting; and Energy and Green Building Plan Review and Inspection. Incorporated in 1999, Winston Services has reviewed and inspected projects with a cumulative valuation of over $10 billion.

What makes Winston different is that all of their inspectors have years of municipal inspection experience. This gives them the advantage of having provided plan reviews and inspections for all sizes of buildings and on all building use types including assembly, educational, hospital, institutional, office, retail, and warehouse/distribution.

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MT Causley logo

M.T. Causley, LLC

M.T. Causley provides a comprehensive range of building department services to municipalities throughout SE Florida. We leverage our extensive local knowledge, alongside the broader capabilities of our parent company, SAFEbuilt, to deliver the highest levels of service, expertise, and resources to each of our clients.

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MTCI logo

MTCI Private Provider Services, LLC

MTCI Private Provider Services delivers a comprehensive range of plan review, inspection, and permitting services to private owners/developers. We leverage our own extensive local knowledge alongside the broader capabilities of our parent company, SAFEbuilt, to deliver the highest levels of service, expertise, and resources to each of our clients.

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Dal Tech logo

DAL-TECH Engineering, Inc

DAL-TECH Engineering, Inc., a Texas corporation, was founded in 1990 and has been a full-service civil engineering and land surveying firm from its inception. It joined the SAFEbuilt family of companies in 2021. It has enjoyed success in providing quality consulting engineering and surveying services to both the public and private sectors. Over the past 25 years, DAL-TECH has worked with agencies such as the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA), US Army Corps of Engineers, City of Dallas, City of Fort Worth, Dallas County, Tarrant County, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), as well as numerous municipalities.

DAL-TECH is committed to serving each client’s best interest and is dedicated to not only meeting their expectations but exceeding them whenever and wherever possible. Each client receives our utmost respect as we develop and cultivate long-term alliances.

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MNSpect logo


MNSPECT provides Designated Building Official/Department of Building Safety Services for Minnesota communities. Services include Permit Application, Plan Review, Permitting, Building Inspections, Code Enforcement and Education and Activity Reporting – and more – for the communities we serve. MNSPECT’s highly qualified, certified and experience staff serves as the ‘Quality Control’ for building activity as a communities’ Building Official.

MNSPECT has been providing Building Official services since 1987 serving more than 30 Minnesota communities, issuing permits, conducting plan reviews and conducting inspections to ensure the Minnesota Building Code and local ordinances are met.

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TX BBG logo

TX BBG Consulting, Inc.

TX BBG Consulting, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of plan review, inspections, and permitting services to the greater Houston-Galveston metropolitan area. BBG offers a diverse scope of community development services that enables us to serve as a reliable one-source partner, efficiently tackling time-sensitive projects with customized and project-specific solutions.

From project support, plan reviews, building code inspections and on-demand virtual inspections, these are just a few of the services they can provide in Texas. It joined the SAFEbuilt family of companies in 2022.

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ProCode logo

ProCode Inc.

Founded in 2015, ProCode, Inc. provides outsourced permitting, inspection, building code enforcement, and building department administration services for smaller municipalities in Northern Colorado. We have dedicated ourselves to helping the communities we serve grow in a healthy, strategic, and efficient manner.

ProCode, Inc. joined SAFEbuilt in 2022 and continues to provide high-quality services, including building inspections, plan reviews, municipal code assistance, fire and disaster relief assistance, building code enforcement, and building department services.

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Weintraub logo

Weintraub Engineering

For over 40 years, Weintraub Engineering and Inspections, Inc. has built its reputation by helping clients build theirs with a background in structural engineering specializing in design, value engineering, and forensic investigation. Our Private Provider and Third-Party Inspections are more thorough and keep the construction moving along its desired timeline. Since late 2022, Weintraub is a member of the SAFEbuilt family of companies.

Together, with SAFEbuilt and other subsidiary partners, we’re helping to promote the safety and growth of communities across the country.

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Pmca Logo

Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance

Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance (PMCA) has built a reputation for reliable and high-quality services throughout Pennsylvania. Offering a variety of services from building inspections, plan reviews, code enforcement, zoning and regulated rental inspections. PMCA joined the SAFEbuilt family of companies in July 2023.

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