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Projects done right the first time

The work completed by public works teams is far-reaching, impacting everything from your community’s economy to residents’ quality of life.

With community health and well-being dependent on these projects being completed safely the first time, SAFEbuilt supports public works teams to keep projects moving and provide the best outcomes possible.


Multi-disciplinary experts when you need them

Whether your department is working on transportation, electrical, plumbing, or another area of your city’s infrastructure, we have the certified staff to keep your project moving (without the need to hire additional staff or plan around extended wait times).

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Benefits of third-party public works support


Certified Staff

We can seamlessly plug into your public works project and get work on an hourly or as-needed basis.

Peace of mind

Stay focused on what matters most, knowing that your project will stay on time, on budget, and meet local codes and standards.

Cutting Edge Technology

Always have access to project status sightlines across your jurisdiction.
“Choosing to collaborate with SAFEbuilt is about placing our residents and the development community at the forefront.” City Manager
SAFEbuilt public works employees talking

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