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Our team includes subject matter experts, building officials, plan reviewers, inspectors, project managers, permit technicians, problem solvers, and customer relationship managers. We understand building department services and can develop an operational and staffing solution that best fits the needs of your community.

In addition, SAFEbuilt has technology solutions for managing inspections and plan reviews that streamline the processes and provide better visibility and management of the work.

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Keeping you in control

SAFEbuilt offers custom-built solutions to meet the unique needs of each public sector client. Whether it’s staffing a complete building department or providing select services and personnel on a project or as-needed basis, we adapt to your specific requirements.

The cornerstone of our success is ensuring that the municipality retains control over these services at all times, with SAFEbuilt following the guidance of the municipality’s designated manager.

Full-service Building Department Services

Bring us in for all building department services, or just the ones you require today. We will tailor our services based on your workload and community needs.

Custom-built solutions

We bring a custom and personalized approach to your building department with the ability to adjust services based on your development workload and needs.

Whether you need to fill a building official role to fulfill State regulations, require a large increase in inspectors, or want to simplify your permit process, we have the experts on hand to make your life easier, boost your local economy, and keep your community safe.

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Budget protection

Not only do we stabilize your budget, but we protect your budget from working into a negative financial impact to your general fund.
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Right-size staffing

Staffing for fluctuations in building activities can be difficult and impact your budget. SAFEbuilt provides right-size staffing to fit the needs of your operations.
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Reduced costs

SAFEbuilt will help you find efficiencies within your existing operations. Reducing your overall costs through process improvements, standardizing operational procedures, and overhead costs.
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Increased customer service

Better customer service starts with clear and transparent communication. SAFEbuilt takes a customer-centric approach to communicate procedures, timelines, and documentation needed so expectations are set in advance.

Save time and funds with SAFEbuilt and Omnia

We’ve partnered with OMNIA Partners, Public Sector, the nation’s largest and most experienced cooperative purchasing organization for public sector procurement. What does that mean for you? Member organizations can save time and funds by skipping the RFP process when they work with a vetted and verified OMNIA partner.

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Get the work done right the first time

We operate building departments as an extension of your community. For this reason, we place the highest value on the expedited completion of a code-compliant project. By doing it right the first time, we increase customer satisfaction on the front end, decrease inefficiency costs, and reduce customer complaints.

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