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Keep projects moving forward

SAFEbuilt can help you effectively deal with fluctuating workloads and large projects that can throw a wrench into even the best-laid plans. Our Private-Provider Plan Review Services offer access to a pool of qualified, on-demand experts who can back up your full-time staff during busy times, helping you to better handle economic ups and downs, construction booms, and big projects.

Plan Review Services

  • Planning & Zoning Reviews
  • Peer Reviews Structural & All Trades
  • Peer Review Reports Structural & All Trades
  • Pre-Permitting Plan Reviews
  • Mechanical Plan Reviews
  • Electrical Plan Reviews
  • Plumbing Plan Reviews
  • Fire Plan Reviews
  • Quality Control & Assurance Reviews
  • Constructability Reviews

Electronic plan reviews

Electronic plan reviews are a simple and efficient way to alleviate workloads and keep up with demand. We can improve timelines, get permits approved faster, and improve financial tracking and reporting of fees.

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Expedited turnarounds

SAFEbuilt aims to provide plan review turnarounds that are coordinated with your permit application process. We even offer same-day turnarounds for small construction projects.
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Flexibility of resources

Solve the challenge of staffing for workload fluctuations and complex, unique structure plan reviews. SAFEbuilt provides plan reviewers onsite as well through our service centers to handle special projects, high-volume work or to simply augment your staff for a period of time.
Laptop with blueprints on it

Meet project milestones and deadlines with electronic plan reviews.

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