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SAFEbuilt is a community development services company.

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Founded on a commitment to support the development and longevity of local communities
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Driving innovation and excellence nationally across our family of companies
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July 26, 2023

City of New Orleans Executes Contract with SAFEbuilt to Assist Building Department

New Orleans, LA – The City of New Orleans announced today that it has hired SAFEbuilt, a leading provider of professional services, to assist with staff augmentation within the City’s Office of Business and External Services (OBES). This partnership is aimed at providing high-quality services to the residents of New Orleans in an efficient and … Continued

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June 23, 2023

City of Portland hires SAFEbuilt to perform electronic plan review services

Portland, OR – The City of Portland has signed an agreement with SAFEbuilt to provide electronic plan review services. This agreement enables contractors and developers to maintain an efficient workflow of plan reviews while ensuring the highest safety and quality standards. Residents in Portland can expect faster results from SAFEbuilt’s remote plan review services. It … Continued

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April 4, 2023

Richmond clears permit backlog by utilizing SAFEbuilt’s powerhouse plan review capabilities.

  Richmond, VA, March 2023 – When the City of Richmond found itself in the midst of an unprecedented rapid city growth and incessant permit backlogs that followed, they knew it had to act fast to mitigate the issue, and they saw it as a “challenge to change”. One of the key components to reduce … Continued

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