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If you’re irritated by delayed permitting processes that send developers to neighboring municipalities or stressed by mounds of paperwork that come with traditional permitting methods, SAFEbuilt’s internally developed software suite, Meritage Systems, can help. Meritage provides Community Core Solutions, a user-friendly permitting and inspection software application. This advanced community development technology ensures the ultimate efficiency of your projects with:

PermitCore Web Application

The Meritage PermitCore web application features fully configurable settings and encompasses a full suite of permitting, planning, and licensing tools for your community development project:

  • GIS/county assessor’s office connection
  • Robust report library
  • Fee estimator
  • Scheduling tool
  • Fee assessment, payment, and financial reporting
  • Customized workflows
  • Simple document upload tool
  • Automatic parcel lookup
  • Reporting and tracking of local contractor and business licenses

ComplianceCore Web Application

This robust web application from Meritage simplifies the process of creating cases, scheduling inspections, documenting violations, and communicating with property owners. Get the convenience of:

  • Case management in the field
  • Automatic parcel lookup
  • Photo/document uploader
  • Letter generation

InspectorConnect Mobile Application

Built for iOS and Android devices and designed for simple integration with the PermitCore system, this mobile application from Meritage simplifies the process of capturing inspection results with access to critical information from a smartphone or tablet:

  • Permit viewing
  • Google Maps routing
  • Automatic inspection results
  • Voice notes tool
  • Photo / document uploader
  • Tap-to-call / email a contractor or property owner

ContractorConnect Mobile Application

Also compatible with both iOS and Android devices and easily integrated into the PermitCore web platform, ContractorConnect saves time, reduces call volume and walk-in traffic, and boosts overall productivity on any project with:

  • Online permit application and management
  • Secure online payment
  • Plan uploader
  • Simple inspection scheduling

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