Code Enforcement

Our “Community Improvement Teams” and code enforcement officers adopt a collaborative approach to code compliance—working as a part of your team to deliver proactive, educational, and respectful solutions to make your community the best it can be. SAFEbuilt can help you achieve improved public safety, better quality of life, and higher property values through our proven best practices in these areas:
Code Enforcement

Rental Housing Inspections

Ensure compliance and improve the safety and livability of your community with our expert inspection services. SAFEbuilt personalizes rental inspections programs to help communities identify and address potential safety hazards, using the International Property Maintenance Code, applicable local ordinances, and housing quality standards as our guides. Our professionals take the proper steps to:

  • Establish the health and safety of a property
  • Determine occupancy standards and compliance
  • Help establish expectations for ongoing compliance
Code Enforcement

Violation Mitigation

Whether you need to reform existing practices, initiate improved code enforcement, or maintain high community standards, SAFEbuilt professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to work within your protocols and suggest new, innovative approaches as well. When issues arise within a community, our experts go the extra mile to avoid citations by working to mitigate any causes of violations. We strive to:

  • Take proactive steps to resolve issues around warranted citations
  • Follow up with necessary stakeholders and municipalities
  • Identify resources and required actions to move forward
Code Enforcement

Citizen Involvement

Citizens want the chance to voice their thoughts and opinions on issues within their community. SAFEbuilt helps communities keep citizens informed on the “whys” behind code enforcement. Our approach includes:

  • Hosting public and homeowner workshops
  • Creating neighborhood improvement teams
  • Enabling intuitive online access to local ordinances
  • Reducing fixed operational costs
  • Avoiding long-term employment commitments

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