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Winter is coming!

SAFEbuilt's New Winterization Guide Helps Communities Prepare for Winter's Challenges: from severe weather to staffing issues.

Loveland, CO — It’s never too soon to start planning for next winter or recovering from last winter. That is, according to SAFEbuilt, the country’s leading community development services company. The national firm services communities in 37 states and the District of Columbia and recently released its Winterization Preparedness Guide, targeting municipal leaders facing the increasing challenges of unprecedented weather events, staff shortages, resource scarcity, and infrastructure stress between the months of October and March.

Focusing on year-round planning, strategy and partnerships to minimize the disruption of these events — and reduce the cost — to municipal communities, SAFEbuilt brings to bear their extensive experience as a supplemental, ongoing, and full-service building department services provider. From pre-winter building inspections to holiday-season staffing support to late-winter disaster relief, SAFEbuilt’s expertise is practical, accessible and will no doubt inspire those who download the guide to take a few new steps toward a more successful winter season.

SAFEbuilt has designed a guide that considers both the common challenges of winters across the country and the specific geographic conditions of different regions, such as the mild winters of Florida and Southern California, the unprecedented snowfall in parts of Northern California, the snow and ice storms of the East Coast, and the harsh winters of middle America.

This broad approach is becoming increasingly valuable to municipal leaders as winters become less predictable. An insightful, easy reference, the guide includes:

  • Holiday, sick time, and out-of-office trends
  • Trends and case studies
  • A national snapshot of extreme winter weather
  • Costs of winter damage and seasonal changes
  • Glossaries
  • Winterization checklists

Most importantly, the guide provides municipal leaders across the United States with a three-part Winterization Preparedness Action Plan covering pre-winter, winter itself, and post-winter emergency preparedness. Covering everything from making sure infrastructure is up-to-code to securing backup support staff to “spring cleaning,” this guide proves to be a resource for municipal leaders navigating one of our most punishing and unpredictable seasons.

You can download SAFEbuilt’s free Winterization Preparedness Guide here

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