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Revitalizing a Small-Sized Building Department

Welcome to Maryville, Georgia, population 12,000, led by City Manager Maggie.

Maggie and the city's building department have been unable to keep up with increasing workloads. Their backlog has only intensified as residents:

  • Use insurance money to replace roofs following a spring hailstorm
  • Continue to move to the community
  • File complaints about the quality of their public spaces

City Manager Maggie:

  • Time as city manager: < 6 months
  • Platform: Revitalize her small community

Let's see what Maggie accomplishes in the next year:


New High School

With certified inspectors at the ready, Maggie made it possible to:
  • Schedule inspections and manage inspectors online
  • Streamline inspections with multi-disciplinary staffing
  • Receive real-time inspection and project updates

Leading to:

  • Less scheduling & administrative logistics
  • A faster timeline to ribbon cutting

City Hall

With third-party plan reviewers on stand by, Maggie made it possible to:

  • Complete plan reviews electronically

Leading to:

  • Same-day plan reviews
  • Breaking ground faster on new projects

Updated Public Park

With additional resources, such as planning and design, SAFEbuilt helped:

  • Design a practical, eco-friendly public space to better suit the neighborhood
  • Intercept zone codes for Maggie
  • Preserve the historical look and feel of the town

Leading to:

  • A healthier, happier community
  • A more desirable neighborhood to live in

New Housing Development

With a third-party staff member to manage permitting, and SAFEbuilt’s electronic permitting software, Maggie was able to help:

  • The department to keep up with the busy season via an interim permit technician
  • Residents to submit, manage, and approve permits online
  • The department to reduce their outstanding permits

Leading to:

  • Happier residents
  • Well-vetted projects and a safer community
  • Less stress on the building department team (without a full-time hire)

Do Maggie's experiences as a city manager sound familiar? Let SAFEbuilt bring your vision to life.

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We focus on building long-term relationships and trust with our customers, delivering a higher level of service at each and every interaction.

Greater Expertise

After more than 30 years in the business, there isn’t any challenge we can’t overcome. We have experience tackling projects of all types and know your local code and regulations inside and out.

Extensive Resources

With a nationwide workforce of experienced professionals working across our family of subsidiary companies, we support your community with the people, scale, and services you need.

Innovation Realized

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Municipalities demand practical, cost-effective and innovative solutions. We utilize our proprietary technology, partner solutions, operational best practices and national and local, certified experts to deliver meaningful results and higher service levels to the communities we serve.

SAFEbuilt brings a comprehensive set of innovative, technology solutions: Community Core (our proprietary building services software), digital plan review and workflow management, geographic information systems, field management technology, custom application development, IT support, software integration and analytical solutions. We also integrate with the full range of local government software systems.

We compliment these technologies with over 1,000 building professionals to provide thought-leading innovative solutions to achieve your community development objectives.

Committed to Local Communities

SAFEbuilt is committed to be a positive and local, corporate partner in each community we serve. We live in the communities we serve and actively participate and support each community. Last year SAFEbuilt partnered with our communities to accomplish the following:

Contributions of
$380,000 to Local communities
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300+ Local Organizations
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