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Hampshire, IL

SAFEbuilt Implements a Digital Solution and Enables Next-Day Inspections

Streamline Permit Process

Streamline the permitting process with a flexible team and scalable cloud platform

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Next-day inspections within a two-hour window Cloud platform with real-time visibility Scalable, flexible staffing Remote inspections and CDC-approved practices

Community Spotlight

Hampshire, Illinois is a village in Kane County with a population of more than 8,000. Located about an hour from Chicago, Hampshire’s affordability and charm make it an increasingly desirable destination for families to move and developers to build.


Prior to enlisting SAFEbuilt’s help, Hampshire’s permitting and inspection process entirely relied on manual processes, requiring paper applications and in-person drop-offs.

As Hampshire’s permit volume grew, this paper-based approach – along with inconsistent staffing coverage – created scheduling delays and complaints. The COVID-19 pandemic compounded these challenges.

To streamline permitting and enable growth, Hampshire sought a partner to help gain more digital solutions and overhaul their approach.


SAFEbuilt, started by modernizing Hampshire’s approach to permitting with outside-the-box solutions. SAFEbuilt’s ability to supply a full-time team of experts enabled Hampshire to reduce approval times and quickly scale. Hampshire went from experiencing scheduling delays and staffing inconsistencies to offering next-day inspections within a two-hour window.
In addition, SAFEbuilt set up CommunityCore Solutions, a cloud platform specifically designed for building department services. With SAFEbuilt’s training and support, Hampshire started providing electronic plan reviews while increasing visibility with real-time status updates.

SAFEbuilt also ensured that Hampshire could meet the demands of the pandemic. This included conducting remote inspections and supplying approved personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as complying with CDC guidelines. Above all, SAFEbuilt emphasized flexibility and collaboration to quickly help Hampshire get projects moving again


Thanks to SAFEbuilt’s flexible team and effective cloud solution, Hampshire streamlined its permitting process while gaining the scalability needed for growth. By approving projects more efficiently, Hampshire can realize tax revenue sooner. Eliminating scheduling delays also reduces complaints from developers and the community. Plus, CommunityCore’s features add transparency and oversight to Hampshire’s process.

All of these benefits add up to a powerful advantage. With the continued support of SAFEbuilt’s expert team, Hampshire is poised to keep providing the community with a superior experience.

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