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Memorial Regional Hospital – Hollywood, Florida

The Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, FL was in great need of a new lift station and force main. The 70+ year system was a concern with the Hospital’s Facilities Department and the force main couldn’t handle the anticipated flows and pressure. SAFEbuilt’s team of professionals stepped in to prevent further internal build-up, corrosion, and overall aging of building.


Our main goal was to provide Memorial Regional Hospital with construction maintenance and utility upgrades for an improved wastewater collection/transmission system with a better overall operational function.

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The Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, FL opened in 1953 and is one of the largest hospitals in Florida. Previously, the station’s force main consisted of 2,800 linear feet of old cast iron pipe that due to decades of corrosion and internal build-up, required a replacement.

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SAFEbuilt Solution

Our Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc., team of professionals were able to remove the existing master and new parking garage pump stations, grout existing force main, install new tri-plex submersible pump station and piping, install new top slab with an access hatch and safety grate, install new gravity sewer, upgrade the internal control panel appurtenances, and replace the force main with 12-inch HDPE pipe. The force main was installed using horizontal directional drilling, which limits traffic disruption and the need for future re-construction.

To meet the needs of the community we supported Memorial Regional Hospital with the following construction services:

  • Performing construction inspections.
  • Running construction progress meetings.
  • Reviewing shop drawings.
  • Responding to contractor RFIs.
  • Reviewing as-builts.
  • Overseeing pump station startup testing.
  • Closing out permits with final certification submittals.


Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc., a part of the SAFEbuilt family of brands, was able to supply Memorial Regional Hospital with valuable upgrades that ensure prevention of future complications. SAFEbuilt is a well-versed company with various professional services that allow for a customized plan to fit your particular needs. Our a-la-carte menu is designed to maximize timely resources as well as costs to help major projects like this one run smoothly.

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