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Case Studies Zoning Code Update and Strategic Build-Out Plan

Planning Services in Cedar Rapids, IA

Converting a Conventional Code into and Instructive Set of Hybrid Zoning Regulations


MODERNIZE the code — to enhance the experience of users by incorporating a user’s guide and more graphics and user-friendly tables.


A Zoning Map Viewer tool that is integrated with the updated code (see the screenshot) and a “how-to” reviewers guide pdf document

SAFEbuilt led a project team with Ferrell Madden and Conservation Design Forum to prepare a strategic infrastructure build-out plan and update the Cedar Rapids zoning code. Working from the newly adopted EnvisionCR community plan, which effectively raises the bar on all aspects of development in Cedar Rapids, the project team is undertaking extensive public outreach to both listen to concerns and educate the community about moving from a conventional code to a more detailed and instructive set of hybrid zoning regulations. In conjunction with the zoning code update, SAFEbuilt led a second project team with Fourth Economy and City Envisioned to prepare a full infrastructure and public services build-out model – Strategic Build-Out Plan – of Cedar Rapids to use as the basis for development type and service needs projections across the city. The information gathered in this process will be used in the construction of new zone districts and development standards for the zoning code update.

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