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Our Lynn, MA office provides serves as the rental inspection department for the city. Our office can assist with landlord registration, scheduling inspections, collecting fees and providing reports of necessary repairs to landlords.

Our rental inspection program protects both residents and landlords, ensuring properties are kept safe and well-maintained. This helps maintain or increase property values, improve neighborhoods and provide the city with insight into rental density within the city.


Permit Applications



Inspection Scheduling



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Inspection Scheduling

Inspections can be scheduled 24-hour hours a day by calling the Inspection Hotline at 339-888-9018. Inspections called in before 7:00am on a business day will be scheduled for the same day. Inspections called in after 7:00 am will be scheduled for the following business day. If you would like to schedule an inspection in advance, leave the requested date or any additional information on the inspection line. If a request can not be accommodated, we will contact you to make alternate arrangements.


Permit Applications

Listed below are all the permits applications used by the communities we partner with. Please select the application that corresponds with your community. If this is your first time submitting a permit application, check out the Checklist for Permit Applications. This includes a list of what you will need to include with your permits, as well as contact for specific types of permits in different counties.

Expiration of Permit: A permit remains valid as long as work is progressing and inspections are conducted. A permit shall become invalid if the authorized work is not commenced within six months after the issuance of the permit or if the authorized work is suspended or abandoned for a period of six months. Cancelled permits cannot be refunded or reinstated.

Re-inspection fees: Re-Inspection fees cannot be paid the same day rejection notices are written. Inspection results are not entered and associated fees accrued, until the next business day following inspections.

Need Help? Support staff is available to assist you in understanding required documentation needed to file applications. Support staff will also assist you as much as possible so that all necessary permits to complete your project may be obtained. Please keep in mind, however, support personnel aren’t inspectors and therefore, some questions are best directed to particular trade inspectors.


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