Newsroom Arlington, WA Leverages SAFEbuilt in Response to Increasing Demand for Commercial Projects

May 6, 2021

Loveland, CO – The City of Arlington, Washington has been steadily growing over the last several years, bringing in more large development, multi-family, and commercial projects as a result. Keeping projects moving forward with a limited number of staff was a challenge that Community and Economic Development Director Marc Hayes faced head on. Without the budget to hire additional full-time staff, Marc looked to SAFEbuilt to augment his team.

Arlington’s partnership with SAFEbuilt quickly evolved from an as needed model to a project-based model to best suit the needs of the city. In this innovative model, Marc assigns specific projects to the SAFEbuilt team, primarily focusing on large commercial, multi-family, and industrial projects. SAFEbuilt handles the projects from start to finish, performing all the necessary building plan reviews and inspections throughout the project.

One of the current projects that SAFEbuilt is working on is the recently announced Amazon warehouse project, which includes an approximately 2.8 million square foot primary structure. “Between the plan review and inspections, this project will take a significant amount of manpower,” explains David Spencer, State Operations Manager for SAFEbuilt, “Utilizing our network of resources frees up Marc’s team to keep other projects moving forward, satisfying local residents and developers.”
“The development projects in Arlington are set to continue for at least the next three years based on projects already underway,” Marc said, “Our partnership with SAFEbuilt allows me to confidently go to council with our growth plans, knowing that I have the support of the SAFEbuilt team behind me to help accomplish our goals.”

In addition to project support, SAFEbuilt also provides back up support to Arlington staff to cover vacations or illnesses. The SAFEbuilt team also provides the city with unbiased, expert code interpretation when challenging issues arise. “Our partnership with Arlington is what our team strives for with all of our clients,” says Joe DeRosa, Chief Revenue Officer for SAFEbuilt, “A relationship built on trust, candor, and collaboration, working seamlessly together to reach our respective goals.”

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