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Newsroom City of Portland hires SAFEbuilt to perform electronic plan review services

June 23, 2023

City of Portland, Oregon hires SAFEbuilt to perform electronic plan review services

Portland, OR – The City of Portland has signed an agreement with SAFEbuilt to provide electronic plan review services. This agreement enables contractors and developers to maintain an efficient workflow of plan reviews while ensuring the highest safety and quality standards.

Residents in Portland can expect faster results from SAFEbuilt’s remote plan review services. It allows all plan reviews and document processing to be conducted quickly and accurately through a secure online platform. By utilizing this digital platform, contractors and developers can expect greater efficiency than traditional paper-based document processes, resulting in fewer delays, costs and labor associated with the review process. With remote services now available, businesses can benefit from a more accessible experience with virtually no backlogs.

“Joining forces with Portland further highlights our dedication to employing technology for the advancement of communities,” stated Steve Nero, SAFEbuilt’s Vice President of Sales. “Our structure ensures streamlined processes, greater accessibility, and robust adaptability, integrating seamlessly into progressive, dynamic cities like Portland.”

By utilizing SAFEbuilt’s National Plan Review services, the City of Portland will be able to modernize its building process further and remain adaptive during high-peak times, such as an increase in the volume of permits during the summer months or an unexpectedly strong storm. With these remote services now available, residents can expect a more seamless experience and speedier results.

“The City of Portland is committed to providing its residents with the best possible services,” commented Joe DeRosa, President and Chief Revenue Officer for SAFEbuilt; he added, “This partnership with SAFEbuilt will help to achieve that goal and ensure that the City’s building department remains efficient, accessible, and successful.”

About SAFEbuilt

SAFEbuilt is a community development services company offering multi-disciplinary building and professional expertise in 36 states and DC. The company employs approximately 1,700 employees serving more than 1,900 customers nationwide. SAFEbuilt provides the broadest array of community development services anchored by a sophisticated technology stack built to fit each customer’s needs, including stabilizing budgets, maximizing building department efficiencies, improving the customer experience, and accelerating the speed to revenue for both municipalities and developers.

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