Newsroom SAFEbuilt Elevates Service on Commercial Plan Reviews While Lowering Costs in DuPage County, IL

March 9, 2021

Loveland, CO – DuPage County, IL has partnered with SAFEbuilt to perform their commercial plan reviews, providing an elevated experience to residents and developers while providing a significant savings to the county.

The County Board is focused on maintaining the high quality of life for its 926,000 residents but also has a long history of financial restraint. “Finding the balance between these two objectives is a challenge but it is something that everyone on the Board is committed to,” says Brian Krajewski, County Board Member, “We are always looking for ways we can improve our services.” This pursuit of improvement is what lead the county to re-evaluate their former service provider and issue a Request For Proposals (RFP) for plan review services.

“SAFEbuilt stood out from the other responses based on our ability to provide more resources with an innovative approach to pricing,” said Steve Nero, Managing Director of Business Development for SAFEbuilt, “In addition to the existing flat fee structure, we proposed an hourly rate option maximize the County’s savings.” An internal audit over October & November 2020 showed significant savings compared to the previous provider, who solely used a flat rate model.

In addition to cost savings, this new partnership with SAFEbuilt has provided a higher level of service and faster turnaround times for reviews. “Commercial development is key to our growth,” Krajewski continues, “so having a partner like SAFEbuilt to help keep our commercial projects moving without sacrificing our safety standards has been incredibly valuable.”

About SAFEbuilt

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