Newsroom SAFEbuilt Awarded IDIQ for Professional Plan Review Services in DC

June 28, 2019


Last month, SAFEbuilt completed contract negotiations with the District of Columbia’s Department of Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) to provide on-demand Building Plan and Zoning Review services.

Under this contract, SAFEbuilt will perform as needed plan and zoning review services, including but not limited to structural and non-structural building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire, accessibility, green/energy, solar and permit intake review. In addition, SAFEbuilt will provide all plan review services according to blueprint, fire safety standards, as well as rough, final and pre-pour inspections on large commercial and new construction projects.

We look forward to this new partnership with DCRA and the opportunity to support the growth of the community. Given the high level of activity in the District’s current building department, SAFEbuilt will dedicate numerous full-time employees to support this contract. Operational commencement is estimated to begin early July.



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