Newsroom SAFEbuilt Helps Sandusky County Open Its Own Building Department

November 16, 2020

LOVELAND, Colo.-SAFEbuilt is honored to announce it has partnered with Sandusky County, Ohio to establish a new building code department that will manage the county’s commercial and industrial building requirements.

Leveraging SAFEbuilt, Sandusky County will now have the ability to manage its own permitting and plan review – tasks previously handled by the state – allowing it to have a larger stake in processes that are critical to ensuring community safety.

“Commercial and industrial building codes are very important because they ensure that architects and contractors are designing and building their structures as safely as possible,” said Kay E. Reiter, President of the Sandusky County Board of Commissioners. “Safety and the wellbeing of residents and employees is the ultimate goal.”

In addition to hiring local staff to support the new building department, SAFEbuilt implemented CommunityCore Solutions, a cloud platform that combines web-based and mobile tools to streamline daily building department functions.

The combination of local control and digital technology will allow Sandusky County to improve efficiency and service. From enabling online permit and plan submissions to providing real-time status updates, it will be able to drastically decrease turnaround times while increasing visibility.

That level of service is important to developers, whose projects can bring significant long-term value to the community.

“Commercial development is critical for communities,” said Steve Nero, Managing Director of Business Development for SAFEbuilt. “This enables Sandusky County to be more developer-friendly and an appealing partner for those that want to quickly get projects off the ground and keep them moving forward.”

Sandusky County chose SAFEbuilt based on its reputation within the building community, as well as feedback it received from other communities. “Prior to entering into a contract with SAFEbuilt, we contacted many of their Ohio county and city clients, and they came highly recommended,” Reiter said.

SAFEbuilt will manage the building department by leveraging the expertise and experience of Sandusky County residents, and is currently hiring local staff and building code specialists.