Newsroom SAFEbuilt to Provide Plan Review Services in Cicero, Illinois

June 3, 2019


SAFEbuilt announces the contract award for plan review services for the Town of Cicero, Illinois. Under this contract, SAFEbuilt will provide this Chicago suburb with a department-wide operations audit review, day-to-day plan review services, and quarterly reporting on service delivery and performance metrics.

We’re pleased with the opportunity to work with the town, our goal from this partnership will help the town improve its plan review turnaround times and increase its responsiveness for inspections.  As a result, expediting developments so shovels get in the ground faster.  In addition, our team will be helping the town streamline its existing operations through a department-wide operations assessment. The goal of this assessment will be to provide recommendations for streamlining internal operations as well as refining and establishing processes, policies, and procedures to create efficiencies.

The SAFEbuilt team will conduct this audit concurrent with supporting the continued plan review operations. Remote certified plan reviewers will provide all necessary architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire alarm, fire sprinkler, hood and fire suppression (ansul) systems, zoning, and structural reviews and inspections; as well as, provide plan review services for final and pre-pour inspections on large commercial and new construction projects in accordance with blueprint and fire safety standards.

We’re confident our breadth of experience in operational assessments, plan review services, and inspections for communities like Cicero will help the town reach its goal of reducing its plan review and inspection timelines.



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