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Inspection Services

Inspection Services

Your Local Partner for Accurate Building Inspections

SAFEbuilt is an industry leader, having performed building inspection services for municipalities like yours for over 25 years. We go beyond a checklist of building compliance and approved plans; we provide our clients with a team of certified expert inspectors, automated routing technology and a proven, methodical inspections playbook that guide our inspectors, builders and owners through the process.

More than services – discover SAFEbuilt Solutions

SAFEbuilt’s team of certified inspectors use their knowledge of the industry, your local codes and ordinances, and experience gathered throughout their careers to provide expert building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing inspections. They can also be engaged for routine, health, structural, and fire inspections on a full-time or supplemental basis. No matter what building type or occupancy, we have inspectors ready to support you and your community.

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Our Value to You

Increased Efficiencies

Realize process efficiencies and improvements based on best practices from across our 1,000 national clients. Identified efficiencies include intelligent scheduling, electronic inspections software, and customer inspection education, which reduces the overall number of inspections needed to close out a project – making you a development-friendly community.

Flexibility of Resources

Solve the challenge of workload fluctuations, staff shortages, and specialty inspections. SAFEbuilt maintains a network of more than 400 certified inspectors. A majority are cross trained and certified in numerous specialties. We are ready and waiting to support you and your Building Department.

Improved Customer Service

We know closing out a job behind schedule means loss of money in stakeholders’ pockets. That’s why SAFEbuilt takes a personalized approach to educate your customers on the inspection process and guides them on the requirements needed to close on time and even ahead of schedule.

Inspections Guarantee

We meet your prescribed inspection timelines with continuity of SAFEbuilt staff. Depending on your jurisdiction, this guarantee can include next day, after-hours, weekend, same-day re-inspections, and disaster inspections.

Commitment to You

We are committed to supporting your department in the most efficient and effective way. We do this by maintaining continuity of operations and the highest levels of customer service. As your partner, we are a reflection of you and commit to upholding the highest reputation.

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