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Permit Technicians

Permit Technicians

Professional Permit Services

SAFEbuilt has extensive experience in providing hourly Permit Technician services to cities and counties across the country. These services help communities work through permit backlog, streamline work during natural disasters, or stay on top of an influx of projects.

We offer:

  • On-call permit technicians to fill in on an interim basis
  • Daily permit technicians to address backlog needs
  • Long-term technicians to offer consistent coverage



Electronic permitting software

Automation can help get you back up to speed. Our CommunityCore permitting software makes it easy for users to submit permit applications, and helps keep building departments organized and on track.

Once permits are submitted, CommunityCore allows your staff and applicants to track plan reviews and inspections in real time, reducing the amount of communications between your department and residents and reducing paperwork errors.

  • Work through permit backlogs
  • Handle workload surges
  • Keep permits organized¬†
  • Notify applicants with permit progress

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