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Community Infrastructure

Infrastructure designed to enhance your community’s environment.

Together, we design, build, and create beautiful places

From the streets we drive to the paths we walk on to the parks we play in, SAFEbuilt designs and builds cost-effective community solutions that are sustainable, attractive and useful.

Flexible Staffing

Offering full-time, supplemental, or project-based solutions with the ability to scale up and down based on your development activity and needs.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team has the experience needed to support your multidisciplinary needs. From engineers and project managers to landscape architects and surveyors, we have the in-house resources to support you.

Problem Solvers

Our experts serve as your eyes and ears to identify challenges in your community. We provide solutions that resolve seen and unforeseen issues within your existing infrastructure.


Case Studies

Cross-Discipline Design Collaboration

Benefits of Creative Design in Engineering Projects

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Engineering Design for stormwater management

Drainage Improvements to mitigate neighborhood flooding

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Your Partner

For solutions that are custom fit to your needs.
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