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Landscape Architecture Services

Designing Attractive and Purposeful Places

SAFEbuilt has curated award-winning landscape architectural design for both municipal and community partners. Our team of innovative designers, site planners, environmental, and LEED-accredited professionals bring a myriad of projects to life. Our projects include historic preservation, landscape and site planning, urban revitalization, habitat restoration, wetland assessments and mitigation, trails and open space analysis and natural resource and preserve monitoring.

Creating a Sense of Place

For us, design is an art form. We take special care to evaluate the natural environment and integrate designs that are seamless, organic, and evoke a sense of place. Whether it’s through municipal landscape architecture, urban design, arborist, urban forestry, wayfinding, or recreational design, our team consistently delivers engaging and attractive spaces.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Reap the rewards of working with a team that offers services beyond Landscape Architecture. We collaborate daily with architects, engineers, construction administrators, surveyors, planners, environmental specialists, and urban designers. Understanding the environment from all aspects of the design ensures a comprehensive, efficient design that is suitable for construction.

Flexibility of Resources

Staffing for long-term projects or specialty design projects is made easy with SAFEbuilt. We maintain a team of skilled staff with qualifications ranging from tree inventory to historic preservation, arborists, park and recreation designs, and more. Our flexible staffing resources are available in whatever capacity you need when you need it

Keeping You on Schedule

We understand that budget, funding restrictions, and political pressures require projects to move forward on a specific schedule. We support you by collaborating with your team to develop designs that work with your schedule and by monitoring throughout the construction phase to ensure your deadlines are met.

Innovative Design

Our team consistently delivers innovative and timeless designs. By creating holistic, well-rounded design solutions, we can ensure a product that, once built, will provide the experience, value and unique identities essential to establishing your community brand.

Designing Your Vision

Our landscape architecture department is a unique blend of qualified professionals that provide a variety of interests and personal expertise. They are educators, community leaders, activists, volunteers, artists, designers, sculptors, urban designers and LEED-accredited professionals.

Your Partner

For solutions that are custom fit to your needs.
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