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Surveying and Mapping

Mapping an Accurate Approach to your Project

Land Surveying and Mapping is the essential first step for all engineering, construction, and planning projects. Accurate and detailed surveying reports help engineers, architects, and land developers see the opportunities and limitations within their project site. Identifying these variables in advance ensures your projects stay on schedule and within budget, minimizing the potential for hidden surprises.

Surveying the Needs of Your Project

We have assembled a team of qualified surveying professionals who have completed a myriad of surveying projects, who possess the diversity of technical skills required for successful completion of a survey project. Our approach is consistent from initial request, project research, compiling a definitive scope of services with a budget and schedule, team communication, implementation of the scope, QA\QC and final product deliverable – enables us to be efficient and ensure a successful survey project for our clients.

Latest Technology

We utilize the latest hi-tech instruments and software to capture the most comprehensive data. This allows us to develop high definition surveys for water and wastewater treatment plants, pump station rehabilitation, facilities management inside of buildings and a multitude of other survey projects.

Accurate Data

Data has never been more essential. Our survey crews are able to visit a site once and develop a permanent record with all visible items on file. These three-dimensional images and virtual walk-throughs can be utilized for litigations, client presentations, or commission meetings.

Multi-Disciplinary Assets

As a full-service consulting company providing civil engineering, landscape architecture, GIS and land planning services, the survey department is well-versed in providing detailed and accurate surveying data for engineering projects relating to water distribution systems, storm drainage, and sanitary sewer infrastructure.

Collaboration in Data

Our IT department works in conjunction with the GIS and Survey departments setting up protocols which enables data transfer and database entry from remote locations seamlessly.  Issues that plague large GIS\Survey projects regarding incompatibility between field and office, software application to software application are non-existent at SAFEbuilt.

Well Charted Process

Our experienced-long term field survey crews are fully trained on surveying standards and are familiar with the laws affecting surveying. This familiarity of the practices and policies of their experience allows us to maintain our budget and schedule throughout a project.

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